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History of the department ...

The division of electrical technology was established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at BUT on 12th October 1961. It was mainly to deepen the tuition of electrical engineers in the field of electrical technology materials and technologies. The division was led eternally by prof. Ing. Konstantin Raclavský at that time and doc. Ing. Josef Šandera, CSc. was the head of the department from 1964. The first professor in the field of metal materials technology was prof. Ing. Zdeněk Hostinský, Dr.Sc. from 1963. The operation of the division was significantly improved in 1965 by  the arrival of the first professor in the field of electrical technology prof. Ing. Vladimír Kocman. The division became the training center for electrical technology.

The independent study field of electrical technology started in the academic year 1967/68. The first 16 students finished their studies in 1972. Work on the overall study changeover began in 1975. The goal was to introduce a common professional basic for all fields of study at all electrical engineering faculties in the ČSSR. Tuition according to these new study plans was started in 1978. The division as developing mainly in three fields – electrical insulation materials, chemistry, and metal materials.

Do you know that...

Electrical technology deals with methods of component and equipment production including the use of proper materials?
Electrical technology also includes renewable energy sources?
Electric technology means, among other things, the field of printed circuit boards, their design, mounting technologies, soldering and quality control?
Electric technology deals with electrochemical energy sources?
Electric technology investigates materials and systems using a wide variety of methods including optical and electron microscopy, X-ray analysis and other modern methods and equipment?

... and its present

The original aim of the study and research of the department was complemented by soldering, printed circuit boards and surface mounting, microscopy techniques, and renewable energy sources (mainly electrochemical and photovoltaic). Also, the part of studies dealing with economy, management, and marketing was extended. This part is taught at the Faculty of Business and Management.

Nowadays, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Technology provides tuition of many subjects in all forms of studies. The most important subjects are Electrotechnical Materials and Production Processes, Production Processes, Design systems of printed circuit boards, Printed Circuits and Surface Mount Technology, Reliability in Electrical Engineering, Quality management and metrology, Alternative energy sources, Ecological engineering, Materials for biomedical applications, Modeling and Computer Simulation.

The Department aims its research activities mainly at materials for electrical technology, electronics and components, their technology and diagnostics. Important research areas are the fields of electrochemical cells (batteries) and energy storage. We perform a variety of activities from fundamental research to applying technology in praxis and optimization of the use of researched systems. Our laboratories are equipped with modern devices and equipment which was bought with the help of projects and grants.

Our other fields of activities are calculations, modeling and designing using modern computer systems and software. We can simulate electromechanical systems in 2D and 3D. We also deal with ecological engineering and the influence on the environment.