What is electrical technology and why to study it?


Electrical technology is a field examining materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes in electronics and electrical engineering. Do you know what to imagine under that?

Electrical technology is difficult to define not to say to describe in short. This field includes a wide variety of subfields including Li-ion batteries, electric cars, insulating materials, renewable energy sources, 3D print, and simulations.

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Do you know that...

SpaceX uses 3D printed engines in their rockets?
There is an electric bell at the University of Oxford, which runs on a single battery since 1840?
Supercapacitors have their "super" capacity mainly thanks to a very thin insulating (dielectric) layer (just a few molecules thick)?
Benjamin Franklin was the first one whu used the term "battery"?
The Italian scientist Alessandro Volta is considered as an inventor of a modern Battery. The unit of voltage (Volt) is named after him.