Accredited Testing Laboratory PVLab Brno

Accredited Testing Laboratory of CVVOZE  offers measurement of electrical properties and detection of defects of photovoltaic panels by the following methods:

  • Measurement of efficiency and performance characteristics of PV panels and cells. Accredited photovoltaic volt-ampere characteristic test (ČSN EN 60904-1, ed.2)
  • Measurement of efficiency and performance characteristics of PV panels under real climatic conditions.
  • PV panels and cells defects localization by electroluminescence.
  • Fault diagnosis of PV panels with EasIR-9 thermal imager and Prova 210 solar analyzer directly at the power plant.
  • Damage and destruction of PV Panels analysis

The workplace was established within the Center for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources (CVVOZE) at the Brno University of Technology.

Main activities

The laboratory has a solar simulator from the Swiss company PASAN. Specifically, it is a PASAN Sun Sim 3C tester of the highest class A + / A + / A + according to the IEC 60904-9 standard (radiation inhomogeneity <1%, long-term radiation instability <1%, radiation spectrum ≤ 12.5%). This tester measures the entire volt-ampere characteristic of a photovoltaic panel using a short light pulse of defined length, intensity, and spectrum.

In our laboratory, you can check whether your photovoltaic panel has the declared parameters, or find out what could be the cause of its insufficient performance.

Testing of photovoltaic panels takes place under standard conditions (power density of solar radiation 1000W ∙ mˉ², radiation spectrum AM 1.5, temperature 25˚C).

Owners and investors can now verify the functionality of their photovoltaic panels in the laboratory, the results of which can be the basis for a complaint procedure with both manufacturers and suppliers of the technology. The results of these tests have international validity according to international standards.

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