Printed wiring and surface mounting

Main research areas

  • We deal with the technology of printed circuit boards (PCB), basic materials and defects connected with PCB manufacturing process and material selection.
  • We optimize mounting technologies surface mount technology (SMT) and through-hole technology (THT), soldering (mainly lead-free), defects connected with mounting and soldering processes and we analyze the causes of defects.
  • We also deal with the compatibility of materials and mounting process.

Main practical research results

  • The group cooperates with companies and takes part in solving material and process issues of printed circuit boards and mounting technologies both during manufacturing process and technological development (ALPS ELECTRIC, AŽD, CONTINENTAL, HONEYWELL).
  • The group analyzes the causes of PCB and soldering defects and helps to remove manufacuring problems. They have adequate equipment and take part in testing of new materials and surface treatments and comparing their characteristics.