Electrode materials laboratory I

This laboratory is used for the research of the physical and electrochemical properties of electrode materials for electrochemical energy sources.

Practical testing of lithium-ion, post-lithium, and alkali batteries is carried out in this laboratory. This includes cyclic life testing, load, and capacity tests.

Possible use in portable electronics (computers, tablets, phones, ...) and for electric cars are analyzed here.

Main activities

  • Testing of batteries
  • Load tests
  • Capacity tests
  • Preparation of materials

Laboratory equipment

  • Multichannel potentiostat Biologic VPM 3: 16 independent channels including impedance spectroscopy + 2×2A and 1×5A booster
  • Battery cycler 5 V/40 A
  • Ball mills FRITSCH for homogenization of powder materials
  • Planet mill FRITSCH for particle size reduction or new materials synthesis
  • Rollers Stuart SRT6, SRT9
  • Manual hydraulic press with heated plates – 300°C and controlled pressure
  • Gas chromatograph Chrom 5
  • Vacuum oven CLASIC
  • Technical gases: nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, CO2 
Responsible person